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Learn how we take advantage of bookmaker promotions using a technique known as Matched Betting!

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Make Money Online With Matched Betting Australia

Bookmakers give away huge cash sums as a way to attract new customers and to keep them betting. We exploit these offers by placing the required bets and cashing out the bonuses.

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How Does It Work?


  • Sign up to the bookmaker to earn your bonus free bet.


  • Place your bets with the bookmaker and exchange to cover all possible outcomes.


  • Withdraw your profit and move onto the next bookmaker offer.

Matched Betting is NOT Gambling

Matched betting is nothing to do with gambling, despite what the word ‘betting’ would suggest. MBA teaches you exactly how to place matched bets that turn bonus bets into profit, no matter the result of the event.

Continue To Make Money After Signups

Many people think that Matched Betting ends after you have completed all the signup offers. This is NOT true.

Everyday we post the best available daily offers under our daily offers calendar, allowing users to make up to or above $1000 profit a month!

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Matched Betting in Australia and New Zealand

Matched Betting in Australasia

Matched Betting is still a very new concept in both Australia and New Zealand. It is something which will attract more and more interest as people realise the simplicity and earnings potential of it all.

 The good news is that at this present moment Australian bookmakers offer the biggest signup offers available to any country.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a betting technique used by individuals to profit from the bonus bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered risk-free as all possible outcomes are always covered at a bookmaker and a betting exchange simultaneously.

Experts consider this technique to be a risk-free form of gambling if done correctly as it is not based on chance, but generally based on mathematics.

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Step By Step Matched Betting Guides

Our matched betting guides will teach you everything required to get your matched betting journey started.

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Our goal is to help each user make at least $3000 by teaching them how to profit from Matched Betting. 

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Positive User Reviews

Great website, very helpful staff and matched betting has help me loads in the last 3-4 months!

I must admit, was sceptical at first as their is a lot of scam products out there but the fact that Matched betting Australia was 100% free to use was really cool! Thanks for the help guys and am looking forward to the next 6 months of matched betting and just getting better and better at it and obviously hoping the profits keep coming in!


Hello Fellow MBA members ! Im a new member my name is Francois.

Great service ! Great help from MBA ! Especially going out of there way to help me make money so easy ! I didnt understand a lot at the start or didnt think I would make money like this. My first week and I can see this really works. I made $363.00 in my first week very happy and once again thank you very much MBA for your time and patience helping me profit.

You guys are awesome and cant wait to reach my goal by investing more and more into this money making machine.


As a female who had never really placed any bets before, I can honestly say that in the last six months I have gone from a complete newbie who would freak out at the thought of placing any bets, to someone placing 10 – 20 bets a day and fully understanding the matched betting concept.

I am always thankful to the guys here at Matched Betting Australia for always helping me, answering my late night emails or responding to the dozens of Twitter messages I leave them =). I comfortably make $200 – $250 a week with the reloads. It’s taken me a while but the hard work is paying off.

Cheers, and we need more females to join!


Thanks for the help.

I had a few dumb issues caused by my errors and you helped me through it all.

Here’s to a good future of beating the bookies! =)


Thanks to you lads for letting us know about that crazy Bluebet offer of $1200 the past few weeks.

Literally only site on Aus that actually had this offer available, and myself and a few others all profited $800+ cause of this!

Keep it up, look forward to more profits coming my way!