Imperial Wealth Betting Review 2022

If you’ve paid any attention to the betting scene in the last couple of years, you have probably heard of The Cash Kings.  Now known as Imperial Wealth Betting. There is a good reason that they are being mentioned more and more, given they are now largely considered the experts in sports betting, racing betting, and middle betting.

Imperial Wealth Betting founder Evan Tsaboukas started with “Promo Handicapping” in 2016 and continued to learn the craft of investment betting. His systems have helped thousands of Australians gain the necessary edge on bookmakers.

Is it worth the price you pay?

Yes, but they do charge a premium for some of their services.

We found one of the most valuable features of their platform was their e-learning and community support which is 2nd to none, this was available via their course, The Elites

They seemed adept at supporting both newbies and experienced bettors.

Their matched betting services like IW Sports were great value for beginners, averaging around $980 per month profit for a membership cost of $135 per month. The software they offer for bonus conversion was also excellent for the price, $10 a week to find the best opportunities quickly. Their IW Racing service was on the pricier side of things at $397 per month but had netted over 900 units in less than 3 years which is impressive.

The most intriguing service that they offered in the arbitrage space was their Middle Bet Accelerator service, we told a few of our followers about it and they reported getting excellent assistance finding profitable middle bets. Apparently, they are also building some software for Middles which we are excited to see.

Here at Matched Betting Australia, I will never charge a cent for anyone to use my site or to become a member.

My goal is to introduce people to matched betting and teach them the basics of how one can make some extra tax-free income using bookmakers.

If you are one of those people who has been using my website for a while and are looking to get even more serious about your betting investments then Imperial Wealth Betting may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Here at Matched Betting Australia I will never charge a cent for anyone to use my site or to become a member.

My goal is to introduce people to matched betting and teach them the basics of how one can make some extra money by using this technique.

Get to Know the Features of Imperial Wealth Betting

The Elites

The Elites is the bread and butter offering, the fundamental knowledge required to succeed in betting investments. From Matched Betting to Tote Arbitrage, The Elites is all about education and low-risk betting. Perfect for the beginner.

The Elites

IW Sports

This one was our favourite, just ultra-consistent returns over time for a good price. It seems like they can handle almost any sport and provide some amazing promo-backed multis. We really enjoyed being able to watch the games knowing we had almost guaranteed profit locked in every time. Over 1500 units lifetime profit averaging at least 8 units per week. Great results.

IW Sports

The Sports Maximiser

One of the most impressive features of Imperial Wealth Betting is their free Sports Maximiser software. The software allows you to automatically scan numerous bookmakers so you can convert bonuses into real cash, turn over money in bookmakers with low risk or place more non promotional bets for sustainability. We’ve been logging in almost everyday to use this software.

The Sports MaximiserThe Sports Maximiser

IW Racing

This service seems to offer the ultimate edge when it comes to using racing promotions to the max. It doesn’t rely too much on tedious bonus conversion and instead targets high-value races to utilise the promo edge. At over 1000 units in 3 years, this system is serious.

IW Racing

Sports Trading Accelerator

If you’re someone who loves watching sports and betting on them then Sports Trading Accelerator is suited to a sports nerd. It is a betting system that uses Betfair exclusively. Imperial Wealth Betting have partnered with a professional trader called Mr. G. With his system, you can increase the amount you are betting without worrying about bookmakers banning you.

Sports Trading Accelerator

The Greyhound Guru

The Greyhound Guru has spent most of the previous decade getting an insight into the Greyhound racing market. He boasts an impressive strike rate with very consistent results. We loved actually betting on the dogs and making money for once. He boasts a profit on turnover of 17.4% which is excellent for non-promotional betting.

The Greyhound Guru

Middle Bet Accelerator

This has to be the best offering that I’ve seen for experienced punters wanting to increase the amount they can invest without also risking more. We were able to observe some of the members locking in 10k profit whilst risking $30. We wouldn’t normally fork out so much for a system but given we have always wanted to get better at middles. There have been a couple of days where we have hit 5 or more middles at effective odds of $50+ which has been insane. OXY who runs the system has been milking the bookies for millions with this system. The software that comes with system is the best we have seen for middle betting.

Middle Bet Accelerator


Final Thoughts

As you can see Imperial Wealth Betting have some pretty cool features to help you with your betting career, and a comprehensive suite of services for you to take advantage of, if you are serious about investment betting and are willing to dive in then Imperial Wealth Betting may be the service you’re looking for.

They offer the most free software, odds comparison, calculators, courses, bookmaker reviews and calendars of any Matched Betting service in Australia. Though some of their products have a premium, you can make a lot of money using only their free resources.

Imperial Wealth Betting is aligned with Imperial Wealth Crypto who specialise in crypto mining, trading and decentralised finance.