Wagering Requirements- Matched Betting Australia

With every bookie Wagering requirements such as  Signup Offer, and sometimes with Reload Offers as well, we will be required to turnover the value of our bonus bets or bonus cash a certain number of times.

Most of the time this will be 1x the bonus value, but can be increased depending on each bookie.

Understanding the Process

Every bookie will have its own turnover requirement when offering any type of signup bonus.

These wagering requirements need to be completed before we can withdraw any of our cash from our bookie accounts.

How do we approach wagering?

We can differ our approach depending on whether we are required to wager our bonus one time or more than once.

  • Wager bonus once:

More often than not you will read that the bonus bet needs to be wagered one time. This means if the bonus bet you receive is $200, then you need to bet through that bonus bet once at $200 with our calculator mode on “Bonus Bet (SNR)”.

These cases are simple and easy and whether our bonus bets win or lose is irrelevant as we are done with the wagering.

  • Wager bonus more than once:

When we need to wager through our bonus more than once then our approach differs.

Let’s say for example we received a $200 bonus bet which needs wagering twice (x2). We will follow the steps as shown below:

  1. Place our bonus bet using calculator mode of “Bonus Bet (SNR)”.
  2. Did your bonus bet win?
  3. If no, then you are done with the offer.
  4. If yes, then u need to bet another $200 as a normal “Qualifying Bet” to complete your total wagering of twice (2x$200).

We only use “Bonus Bet (SNR)” mode for our bonus bet. Thereafter we do not have the bonus bet anymore as it has been turned into real cash so we are just betting through an additional $200 to complete our wagering.


Wagering requirements are part of every signup offer. Remember that after we place our bonus bets then they have been converted to real cash. Additional wagering is only required if our bonus bets win.

Always read the terms & conditions of each offer, as the wagering requirements may change at short notice.