Frequently Asked Questions

What is Matched Betting?

Here are our Frequently Asked Questions about Matched Betting.
Matched Betting is a technique used to cover all possible outcomes by placing opposing bets between bookmakers such as Sportsbet or bookmakers and exchange such as Betfair. The fundamental idea is that little to no risk is taken to secure mostly guaranteed profits using our matched betting calculators. Matched Betting Australia will show you how to maximise the signup offers and promotions available in Australia & New Zealand.

Is Matched Betting risk free?

Yes, in most instances. Pure matched betting carries no risk, especially when a bettor has a bonus bet acquired from a deposit offer. Some matched betting requires some risk to acquire additional bonus bets outside of deposit offers. If you take your time and go through each bet slowly there is no risk in the long term. Human errors do occur, this is the only real risk involved e.g. placing the wrong bet, betting with the incorrect stake, etc.

How long does it take to set up my bookmaker accounts for Matched Betting?

We would estimate filling out the registration form and making your first deposit will take about 5 minutes. Make sure you always have a deposit offer before adding funds to your bookmaker accounts. Most bookmakers will ask for one of a few documents needed to verify your account. Do not stress about this, as it is perfectly normal. These include documents such as passport, driving licence, bank statements, medicare card, utility bills etc. You might also need to verify your credit card or debit card before making withdrawals.

How much money do I need to start Matched Betting?

We recommend a starting bank of about $250-$300. Obviously, the more you have to start with the quicker you can get through your signups and utilise the 80+ bookmakers available in Australia. If you can afford to start off with more, then we advise you do that.

I have never placed a bet before, is this a problem when it comes to Matched Betting?

Not at all! We actually only placed our first ever bet when we started Matched Betting! After a few slow signup bets, you will find your groove and become extremely comfortable with backing and laying. Always take your time when placing bets and moving to the next bookmaker. Ensure you focus your bankroll on the best offers and bookmakers first.

Is Matched Betting legal?

Matched Betting is 100% legal. Bookmaking in Australia is a big business and matched bettors have an amazing amount of bookmakers to choose from. Bookmakers will entice you to use them over their competitors using bonus promotions and bonus deposit offers. It seems like it shouldn’t be legal because of how easy it is to generate a tax-free income, but rest assured, it is completely legal even if it is frowned upon by the bookmakers.

I can’t seem to access deposit offers for Matched Betting in my state, what can I do?

Yes you can. These States will often advertise that they do not offer signup promotions etc , but one can get around these rules. Read more on our State by State Betting Guide.

Do I need to be good at maths to be good at Matched Betting?

It does help to be good with numbers but it isn’t a requirement. Matched Betting Australia has a range of matched betting calculators to do all of the maths for you.

When can I withdraw my winnings from Matched Betting?

This depends on each individual bookmaker’s terms and conditions. Almost all bookmakers have turnover requirements when signing up, these requirements can differ if you’ve used a deposit offer or have engaged in promotional betting. It is important to check the bookmakers terms and conditions before you deposit so that you are aware of what you need to do to make your funds withdrawable. Some bookmakers can be much more difficult than others when it comes to making your balance withdrawable.

Do I pay tax on my Matched Betting profits?

No, winnings from betting in Australia and New Zealand are 100% tax-free. This is one of the greatest reasons that Matched Betting in Australia is such a lucrative and rewarding form of secondary income.

What is the difference between a back bet and a lay bet?

A back bet is placed with a bookmaker on something to happen, whereas a lay bet is placed with an exchange against something to happen. Betfair is the only place where you can place a lay bet whereas back bets can be placed with all bookmakers and Betfair. Learn more in our Betting Exchange Guide.

How do I get started with Matched Betting?

Getting started with Matched Betting is very easy. Head over to our Start Here page and follow the steps!

How much money/profit can I make Matched Betting?

The easiest way to make money with Matched Betting is through your initial deposit offers when signing up to bookmakers, it pays to be patient and wait for the best offers before investing your capital. Within your first month or two of Matched Betting in Australia it is very easy to make over $3000 of profit using just deposit offer conversions. By finding even better offers or locating contacts at bookmakers you can easily make more than $5000 in your first few months. After utilising your initial deposit offers for the 80+ bookmakers in Australia, it is a requirement to but in more effort and find additional promotional opportunites to acquire bonus bets for conversion. Within your first year, you can easily expect to make $10,000 or greater with consistent effort.

I already have multiple bookmaker accounts, can I still make money when Matched Betting?

Don’t stress, bookmakers offer incentives such as deposit bonuses to both new & existing customers depending on your profile with them. There are hundreds of opportunities available each week for existing members. Matched Betting Australia helps you identify these opportunities using our promotion calendar and capitalise on them using our calculators.

How do I protect my accounts from getting banned when Matched Betting?

This is the biggest part of the art form of Matched Betting and is the main thing that seperates Matched Bettors who make money long term vs those who only make profits in their first year or two. There are a multitude of ways to protect your accounts and it isn’t an exact science. One of the best ways is using private browsers or seperate devices on mobile networks to protect your IP address, MAC address and physical address. Another great way it to always spend time doing non promotional bets on a mixture of sports and racing, bookmakers love it when you just look like another regular customer compared to someone taking advantage. There are many many other methods beyond these which we cover more on other parts of our website.