Using A VPN For Matched Betting

This guide is all about using a VPN for matched betting, and why you definitely should be using one if you plane on becoming a serious matched bettor. We will also discuss which VPN to use, and how much they charge.

Why a VPN is Needed for Matched Betting

Most of you probably aren’t that aware about VPN’s, and why we would even use one when doing matched betting!

I have been using one since my early UK matched betting days, and it has been with me ever since.

Basically, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and protects you and your data from hackers when using an unsecure internet connection.

Think about how often you transfer cash around on your laptop, log into bookie accounts and into bank accounts etc. Well, a VPN helps make sure all of this is 100% secure.

How Will A VPN Help Me?

A VPN makes sure that your internet connection is secure and routes your connection through a private network.

You know when you sit at the airport, coffee shop or somewhere with an open wifi connection? Well, those are 99% of the time unsecure, meaning when you connect your device to it, you are opening yourself up to many potential hackers.

And if you begin to access bank accounts whilst connected to these networks, your details are stolen extremely easy. We have seen it happen.

Using A VPN For Travel

Another great thing about having a VPN is that you can then do matched betting whilst out of the country on holiday!

How so?

Well, with a VPN you can select which country you want your IP address to be set to.

So for example, if you are travelling in SouthEast Asia for a few months, you can still log in and make it seem as if you are in Australia. This way you can still place your bets, and make some cash! Richard (our co-founder) did this for six months in Thailand.

Read more about that here!

Why You Should Go For A Premium Service

There are many free VPN’s out there. But to be honest, they suck. They slow down your PC. They are NOT reliable. And you definitely do not want your connection messed up halfway through a bet!

So, the VPN service we use here at Matched Betting Australia is called PureVPN. They are awesome, and such good value for money.

You can sign up with them by clicking the link below!

By using this link, you can get it for as little as $2.95 a month!