Matched Betting Checklist 

Matched Betting Australia Checklist


Welcome to the start of your matched betting journey. We have prepared a Matched Betting Checklist just for you.

We hope it will be as lucrative for you as its been for us!

This is just a comprehensive checklist of everything you should try and grasp when it comes to matched betting, and in the correct order.

Things such as basic terms, basic concepts and tools & resources that we personally use here at MBA!

This is our recommended path.

Of course, you can choose to skip a few or go your own way.

If it works, then stick to it!

Sign Up To Betfair

This is the FIRST thing you need to do when starting out with matched betting. Betfair will be used with almost every single bet you make, so get going with them now!

Join Our Facebook Group!

Make sure to join our Facebook group. It’s extremely interactive, and is where almost all queries, tips and advice are given.

Know The Basics

Make sure you have read through the starting guides and that you understand the basic concept of matched betting.

Backing, laying, using a calculator to calculate your lay stake are things you need to be able to do.

Once you get the basic concept, you can begin to smash the signup offers.

Sign Up To A Few Bookies 

Now with the new laws in place, bookies can technically NOT show welcome offers.

However, once you sign up they can and will offer you a first deposit bonus of some sorts. These range in value, but you will almost always be able to get a good offer.

Based on most users’ experiences, sign up to a bookie and wait a few days. Usually first deposit bonuses get added to your account automatically then.

If not, hop on live chat and ask for one!

We recommend starting out with bookies such as Sportsbet, Beteasy and Pointsbet.

Start Hitting Daily Offers

This is where the fun and real money starts!

Offers such as horse racing refunds, AFL & NRL offers, US sports etc. Most of our users make really good money on these offers.

We post these offers daily, and strategies and tips usually get discussed on our Facebook group.

At times we do miss a few offers or don’t see them in time. So don’t be shy to post offers which we have missed on the group.

Get a VPN! 

I always use a VPN, no matter where I am.

This just adds an extra layer of protection to my data, as we are always entering passwords and dealing with money. So we do NOT want that info to be found.

A VPN is also ideal for when doing things such as internet banking, and when you are in a public wifi area.

The last thing we want is for people to hack our sensitive info, so for just a few Dollars a VPN is definitely a must have.

Once you are comfortable with the basics of matched betting, you might want to take your earnings to the next level and we have teamed up with two paid matched betting services, BonusBank and BonusMoney to help you attain your matched betting profit goals!


Bonusbank is a paid matched betting services in Australia, and we are teamed up with them.

We do use their software & tools, so that’s why we highly recommend them!

Now you don’t have to use a paid premium service in order to smash matched betting, but if you do want to take your matched betting to the next level, then give them a try!

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Bonus Money

Bonus Money are another paid matched betting services in Australia, and we are teamed up with them.

We do use their software & tools, so that’s why we highly recommend them too.

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