Mug BettingĀ 

Mug betting is the process of placing bets on markets that don’t have offers. This helps us appear like your average punter and decreases our chances of being restricted by a bookie.

If you are starting out only now, then there is no need to worry about this section. Once you start doing reload offers etc then mug betting becomes part of your Matched Betting routine.

Mug betting is not a proven science. There are divided opinions on whether it works or not. We at MatchedBettingAustralia have always used mug betting, so we thought we would write an article about it for you guys.

The Reasons Behind Mug Betting

We do this to keep our bookie accounts unrestricted for as long as possible. If a bookmaker thinks you, as the customer, are not profitable to it anymore they may restrict your account and not give you any promotions or bonuses anymore.

We therefore need to do our best to fly under the radar, and attempt to appear as usual punters.

How do we avoid restrictions?

It is nearly impossible to avoid every restriction out there, but we do need to take care of the bookie accounts we use most often for weekly reload offers etc as with no restrictions our profits can keep rolling in.

Below are some bits of advice on what to do to maintain your bookie account health.

Mug bet regularly

Try and fit mug betting into your usual daily Matched Betting activity. For example, when we are doing horse race refund offers we will often throw in a few random mugs on races that have no offers. If we only bet on events which have promotions linked to them, then our intentions of bonus abusing become quite clear.

Think like a punter

Do what your ordinary punter would do. Are there some big sporting events on this week? For eg AFL, English Soccer, Horses etc. Place a few mugs on popular events which have no promotions.

Do not always stake minimum required

If you see an offer of stake $50 pre match and receive $50 etc, then it is a good idea to sometimes bet a bit more than the stake required. For example, instead of $50 go ahead and stake $60 etc. From a bookmakers’ point of view it can become quite clear who is just after bonuses and promotions by looking at their stakes.

Think like a bookie

Think about if you were a bookie how you would monitor a bettor’s activity. Try and remain as “normal” as possible. Don’t just hit all offers hard without trying to throw in a few mug bets here and there.

Stick to popular markets

Don’t place your bonus bets or bonus cash on extremely obscure markets just because their odds are well matched on Betfair. Stick to things such as AFL, English soccer, Horses, popular cricket matches etc. Events with lots of other punters create a good place for us to fit in and remain unnoticed.


As said above, there is no concrete evidence or science behind mug betting.

We do suggest that you attempt to keep your betting accounts as healthy ass possible to ensure you can keep your accounts open indefinitely and keep making Matched Betting profits!