Finding Odds- Matched Betting Australia

Finding odds between bookies and the exchange can seem like a difficult and frustrating process.

Often there are days where it seems almost impossible to get your qualifying or bonus bets on anything that gives you a decent return.

This guide gives you a few tips and a bit of advice on how to go about the process of finding good events for matched betting.

Popular Events

Events that are popular will naturally attract more attention, more liquidity in Betfair and thus the odds will be better matched with the bookie.

Do NOT place your first qualifying bet on some obscure Turkish 3rd division soccer match as this will firstly flag your account as suspicious, and also the odds would be wide.

Stick To Popular Events

Be Methodical And Work Your Way Through Events

Have your bookie and Betfair account tabs next to each other and work your way through each sport and event in a systematic way.

Be Methodical And Work Your Way Through Events

This way you can cruise through the days’ popular events in a few minutes and know exactly which events have close odds and which do not.

Use a Laptop / PC Computer

This really just does allow you to have better visibility and reduces the chance of making errors.

Use a Laptop / PC Computer

Being able to clearly see the bookie and exchange prices at the same time will make your life a lot easier!