Is The Next 6 Weeks The Most Profitable Time Of The Year? 

Most would say yes! No doubt the next 6-8 weeks is very very profitable!

If history repeats itself then the next 6-8 week will most certainly be the most profitable time of the year.

AFL round 1 just kicked off last week we just recently finished NRL round 2 and it has already proven to be a very profitable first 2 round for both sports.

Autumn group 1 races are well under way, with Saturdays proving to always be as profitable.

If you take these 3 events: NRL, AFL and Horse Racing and put in a significant shift over the next few weeks, then I see no reason why you cant make some serious bank in the next 6-8 weeks.

Discover the Best Days for Profitable Matched Betting

If you are limited with time and want to know what the most profitable days of the week are for matched betting then we suggest you stick to the following days:

  1. Wednesday: Horse Racing Promos usually at 2 race tracks
  2. Thursday: AFL and NRL promos
  3. Friday: AFL, NRL and Horse Racing promos galore
  4. Saturday: Horse Racing Group 1 Promos, AFL, NRL and Soccer.

Be Organised And Be Prepared. 

Make sure you have your MBA checklist go to go before everyday racing and sports events kicks off.

Horse Racing always starts earlier (around midday/1pm depending what time zone you live) and sports events kicks off way later in the afternoon!

Whats The Best Time To Place Your Bets?

Horse Racing:

We generally say that you should place your best from 15 minutes before the race starts and then place no bets from 5 minutes before the race starts.

Liquidity is much better closer the race and hence you will get closer back and lay odds which will decrease your qualifying losses.

Sports events: 

AFL, NRL and soccer generally have better liquidity further out from kick off, especially main events.

Obviously closer to the time you should get better odds.

How Can You Make The Next 6-8 Weeks Even More Profitable? 

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