Australasia More Profitable than Most Countries 

Like many people, Matched Betting was first introduced to us in the UK sports betting market. It is where we at Matched Betting Australia began our Matched Betting journey and became a source of second income and learnt how to combine simple math with our love for sports into something sustainable.

We spent about a year involved with every bookmaker in Great Britain, doing all the signups and existing customer offers on a daily basis. Profits were decent and we were happy.

How does Australia & New Zealand compare to the UK?

It’s a whole new level here in Australia and New Zealand though. The amounts one can receive from sports book signups alone outweigh a few months of constant Matched Betting in the UK! We still remember working our way through about 15 bookmakers in the UK and came out with about 600 Pounds profit. One could simply go do the ClassicBet signup alone and you will end up with more profit. And that’s just one signup!

So you can see why Australia and New Zealand has a much greater attraction at this very moment. Just doing your signups alone will bring you in anything from $3k to $4k if done correctly. That’s decent money, and all done from your own home. So not bad at all for a few lazy days at home!

Signup Offers are a great way to begin Matched Betting for a few reasons:

  • You can build up your bank quite easily and quickly.
  • It’s a confidence booster for future offers, as the first few bets always take longer as you are new to the process.
  • It’s fun and free!

Existing customer offers are where the real Matched Betting fun begins, and include offers such as:

  • Horse racing refunds, on a weekly basis with a few sports books.
  • UK Soccer offers, often with guaranteed profits.
  • AFL, cricket and more Aussie sports offers.
  • All of these can be done easily, allowing us to have a constant income stream.

Sounds great! How do I begin?

Head over to the Start Here section and have a read through. If you not exactly sure what’s going on then take a breather and read again. Still unsure? Then get on Facebook or Twitter and send us a message. Otherwise contact us here and we will reply as soon as possible.

Our goal is to ensure you have a good understanding of Matched Betting. We will try our best to assist you in every way possible. Thereafter you can use it to make some additional money for yourself and maybe turn it into a profitable second income stream.

Happy Matched Betting!