BonusBank Dicord Server -Join Now!

The BonusBank Discord server is a new added featured which has taken the BonusBank matched betting service to new levels.

Discord is a chat platform that is growing in popularity every day. It is hugely popular with gamers, but now matched bettors at BonusBank have jumped on board and started using Discord.

Within the new Discord channel at BonusBank you will find multiple channels for discussing topics like signup bonusessustainability, and racing promos.

The discord server even has some off-topic channels where you can discuss things like investing and side hustles.

The most popular channel is the arbs channel

BonusBank Discord Server

There is even an option to get an arb notification straight to your phone when a new one is posted by an existing member, hence making communication instant and effective.

Matched Betting is all about knowledge of what promos are on offer and hence a fast, direct communication channel like the discord server helps users get more offers to bet on and in turn they generally make more profitable returns!

The Discord server is only available to Premium BonusBank members.

Below is an extract of what other BonusBank users have said about the discord server

BonusBank Discord Server

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The discord server is only available to Premium BonusBank members.

How do you get access to the BonusBank discord server? 

You have to be a premium BonusBank member to get access to the discord server.

Good news is that Matched Betting Australia users get a 25% discount on their first month when using the coupon code: MBA

So instead of paying $49.00 in your first month, you will now pay $36.75 instead!

Final Thoughts

As you can see the discord server has been a game changer for the BonusBank community and its members.

Quick, fast and accurate promotional information and offers is like gold when it comes to matched betting and can be the difference between good and exceptional profits.

The discord server definitely provides this and more!

Now that you are given a 25% discount on your 1st MONTH for the Premium subscription, I highly recommend you give it a go for at least 1 Month! Final Thoughts

If you like what you see, you can continue using them but please note the discount wont apply from the 2nd month onward..