Best Ways to Find your Matched Betting Odds

Finding good matched betting odds between the bookie and exchange can seem like a tough task. There are often times when it seems almost impossible to find odds that don’t result in extremely high qualifying losses. This can really annoy and demotivate us as Matched Bettors.

Our Matched Betting career started in the UK, where we were using a paid oddsmatching software service. This seemed OK for the beginning, but we quickly realised that these odds were often late to update and that by doing it manually we could find matches faster and more efficiently.

Even though we do discuss finding matches in all our Signup Offers , we thought it would be a good idea to write a small article on the best ways to go about finding your matches.

So how can we improve the process of finding good matches?

1 – Use a laptop or desktop PC with multiple tabs open

Using a laptop or PC is a must for finding odds easily. It allows us to jump between our bookie, exchange and calculator tabs quickly. It also reduces any chance of making errors as we have a better view of all the odds.

2 – Focus on popular sports & events

Events which attract a lot of attention and are very liquid on Betfair tend to have better matches for us to use. One can anticipate where the best matches will be by simply keeping up to date with a few popular sports.

For example, if Manchester United play against Liverpool we can almost be certain we will find great matches on the winner market. But let’s say two small Turkish soccer teams play each other, chances are there won’t be any good matches. The same applies for many popular events such as AFL, A-League, European soccer, cricket and popular horse racing.

3 – Be methodical and work your way through events 

The best way to find matches is to simply open your bookie account, have Betfair ready on another tab and lastly have your calculator open on a third tab.

Work your way through one event at a time. For example, if you are looking at the UK Premier League then open the first game on your bookie and on your Betfair account.

  • Check the odds.
  • Enter them into your calculator.
  • Is qualifying loss acceptable? (5%-8%)
  • If yes, then place bet.
  • If no, then move on.

This does take practice, but eventually you get so good at it that you can go over a whole day’s sport in about 30 minutes. After a while you will develop a feel for what to look for, and whether odds at first glance seem good or bad.

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