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Hi Skwaat!

Welcome mate. Hopefully you’ll find the forum as useful as I do!

Re the 10 and 14 point early payouts with PB and SB, that’s correct – if your back team leads by 10 or 14 and ends up losing the game you win at Both your bookie (PB and SB) and Betfair exchange.

Qualifying losses are part of it! So its important to look for close matches between your back and lay odds.

An acceptable qualifying loss is 5-10% of your stake so in your above example losing $20 on a stake of $200 is deemed acceptable by matched betting standards.

A good tip is to wait for within 2 hours before the start of the game 🙂

Have you tried the double your winnings offers with BetEasy yet?

Anyway hope this helps!

Cheers Gav.