Matched Betting Mistakes

Matched Betting mistakes will be a part of your matched betting life at some point or another.

I have made endless mistakes (and learned from them), and so I have decided to write my top 5 matched betting mistakes which commonly occur.

Hopefully this will help many you of avoid any future errors!

1. Backing And Laying Different Events

This can happen quite often.

A lot of people think that it is something which should almost never happen, but you will be surprised.

Always double check that you are not only on the same event at the bookie and exchange, but also on the exact same market.

2. Running Out Of Money In Betfair

There is no worse feeling than placing a big back bet, going over to place the lay bet at Betfair and realising you do not have enough funds to cover the liability.

Keep your Betfair account well loaded, especially for when multiple offers are coming in.

3. Calculator In Wrong Mode

Check your calculator mode before placing any bets.

They are there for a reason. Every mode will have a different lay stake for you to use, so having it in the wrong mode could lead to some money lost.

4. Laying The Incorrect Stake

Double check everything.

Check your figures you have entered in the calculator. Check the amounts you want to place at your bookie and exchange. Once you are certain the figures are exactly what they should be, then go ahead and place your bet.

5. Not Reading The Terms & Conditions

This is very important with every bookie you use.

Every offer will have its own terms. Read them and understand them. The terms will always state the minimum odds, wagering requirements and whether bonus winnings include or exclude stakes.

So there you have it, my top 5 common matched betting mistakes based on personal experience!

Hopefully you can avoid as many of these as possible, although it is perfectly normal to happen at some point in your matched betting career.