Matched Betting Profits By Peter: $1127.66

The Success of My Matched Betting Strategy

Last Fortnight

I’m currently getting back into the swing of things, working four days a week as well as full time Uni.

I’ll start though with two weeks ago where I had a great week, resulting in a profit of $1127.66. This came through a combination of turning over $1000 in Bluebet bonuses, $400 worth of bonuses accrued through the horses and a few hits on Sportsbet’s 14up NBA promotion.

Unfortunately the latter was such a success that not only have Sportsbet since removed the promotion for all punters, but my account also copped a devastating ban on all of their promotions.

With that being such a strong week profit wise, I decided to take last week off in regard to matched betting. Instead I focused on having a few mug bets here and there so I remain open to promotions on remaining sites where I’m not already banned.

BlueBet Promotion

After a little confusion initially, I was eventually inundated with messages on twitter regarding the referral to Bluebet with up to $1200 in bonus bets on offer.

I did refer quite a few of you and hopefully the first 10-15 or so received messages from the employee at Bluebet of whom I referred you too. Unfortunately, given the frequency of my referring, no one in their right mind could believe I had that many real life mates who are punters. That led me to receiving a message from the Bluebet employee that said the following –


I will no longer be taking referrals from you. Referrals are meant to be people that you know to be genuine punters, not random people picked up through your Twitter account.”

So that was that and now I’m no longer able to refer any of you. If you are still looking to get referred which I know many are, I suggest you jump onto the forums here. Basically the system is that once you are referred, you are then eligible to refer others. If everyone in this community could refer one other person then we’d all be good!


Just a quick reminder that the NRL season starts this Thursday night, bringing with it a whole host of bookie promotions. In fact I’d suggest you’ll struggle to find a bookmaker without any kind of promotion. Make sure to keep checking the Matched Betting website to keep up to date with everything going on!

This article was written by_ Peter 'O Keefe