My Matched Betting Online Profits

Previous week’s highlights

Firstly, I’d like to preface by apologising for not writing last week.

With the AFL and NRL grand finals on, I chose to have a week off of matched betting for the first time in months. I planned to jump back on the horse (pardon the pun) during the week just gone, unfortunately this didn’t fully eventuate though which meant my return to matched betting wasn’t as ideal as I’d hoped.

I actually got offered to do some real work on Saturday which I chose to take up despite the fact I probably could have made just as much matched betting on the horses. 

Horse Racing

A huge day of Racing on Saturday with all bookies providing promotions on the major meets at Randwick and Flemington, as well as Doomben if you are a Ubet customer. Pointsbet in particular had a great promotion of money back in bonus bets if your horse finishes 2nd through to 5th.

Many of you would have had profitable days, especially if you chose the favourite in the first two races at Flemington as part of Ladbrokes’ pay out on 1st and 2nd promotions. Sun City and Ranier both finished 2nd giving great profits to those who backed on Ladbrokes and then lay on Betfair. Given I was working, I did attempt to place bets at the start of the day but found the difference in back and lay odds too much for it to be worth it. This is why I would always suggest waiting until the last ten minutes prior to the race as it usually gives you the closest variance between the back and lay odds.

With nothing available for me on Saturday, my week of matched betting came down to racing on Wednesday and Friday night. Both were reasonably profitable especially on the Friday night at Moonee Valley. I matched bet seven of the eight races, four of which reached the desired result of coming second or third and giving money back in bonus bets.


Hopefully some of you are having better fortune matched betting on these than what I am. I feel like the potential profit isn’t really enough given the chances of them coming off are quite low. I am sticking clear of these for the moment and am holding out for what the bookies might throw up for the NBA starting next week.

My Weekly Matched Betting Profits

My profits for the week ended up at $174.29, not really that bad given it was literally only two days of matched betting. I would like to think that would have been at least doubled should I have been able to match bet on Saturday. With some good fortune at those major meets, matched bettors could have brought in over $300 for the weekend and potentially over $500 for the week.

Hopefully I can get back to this kind of income with some major race meets at Randwick and Caulfield this Saturday.

This article was written by_ Peter 'O Keefe