Matched Betting is Not Gambling

More often that not when people first hear the term ‘Matched Betting’ their first reaction leans towards the negative. Gambling. Betting. Throwing money away. These are the thoughts of so many people. As a result, many remain skeptical about Matched Betting.

Why do people think negative thoughts when hearing the term ‘Matched Betting’?

Humans tend to focus on the word ‘betting’ more than they really should. You should focus on the word ‘matched’ instead as this implies we are matching our odds, not betting. Hereby we are covering all possible outcomes. There is a big difference between betting and Matched Betting.

Usually only fellow Matched Bettors understand what it really is all about, and trying to explain to some people what you are doing can be painfully frustrating. It took our family and friends about a year to understand that we were actually making a living from this. And yet some still don’t get it. The best way sometimes is just to throw your profit figures in their face and let them come to their own conclusions.

Remember Matched Betting is NOT gambling.

Building trust in the process

It can be very daunting diving into your first Matched Betting offer. It’s natural to have a bit of mistrust and think that your money may just disappear. It took us about an hour to do our first bet as we just weren’t sure if our money was safe or if we would eventually make some profit.

The best way to get over this fear is to take your time. Read and re read every guide. Go over it a few times and always make sure you have entered in the correct numbers into the calculator. After your first few bets you will feel extremely comfortable backing and laying and will easily place 10 bets a day with no worries.

Getting started

At Matched Betting Australia we want to help everyone get their Matched Betting journey started. Thereafter you can continue making a decent income by taking on reload offers which will be updated on a daily basis.

Click here to get started, and work your way through a few basic signup offers to get a feel for it.

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Remember Matched Betting is risk-free if done correctly.

Happy Matched Betting!