My Matched Betting Income Is $516 This Week!

The start of 2019 has brought some unexpected and fortunate opportunities for all matched bettors, ultimately leading to higher profit numbers that we haven’t seen in quite some time. With this in mind, let’s have a look at the recent and current promotional offers that bookies have provided us amongst a wide range of sports.

This Week’s Earnings from Matched Betting


Whether it be BetEasy’s double winnings, Pointsbet’s five over early payout or Palmerbet’s 180+, there’s certainly no shortage of promotions on every BBL game. However, given there’s a game on practically every night, bookies are unwilling to be too generous with what they offer. Realistically, these rarely come off, even the BetEasy ones now require a particular player to reach a specific target of runs/wickets/sixes etc. Part of the art of matched betting is being able to recognise which events/matches are more likely to hit than others. Of course there’s obviously a fair bit of luck also required.

US Sports

One of the more unexpected offers was Sportsbet’s 16up promo for all NBA and NBL games last week. Mug punters must have made this profitable enough for Sportsbet though given they’ve decided to run it again this week. Again it’s very unusual for a team to go up 16 and lose but it did occur a number of times last week. There are two different methods in how to approach this –

  1. You can put large stakes on a select game here and there that you think might be high scoring and have violent momentum changes.
  2. You can spread your money out more evenly on every game, making sure you take advantage of every possible match but also reducing profit if they do come off.

Personally I’ve been taking the second option given it’s just way to difficult to determine what game/s will hit the promo.

The NFL playoffs have just started and there are a number of promos that include player results or money/bonus back if leading at half or end of the third. Keep a track off these for some additional value.

Horse Racing

Nothing much to be said here but that the racing promos continue to come at us constantly as a solid way of making us risk free money.


Big news to kick off our week with Sportsbet announcing a four games up promo for rounds 1-4 of the Australian Open. This will apply to all men’s and woman’s matches which will make it difficult to navigate which matches we bet on given there’s so many matches occurring. I have two pieces of advice for you in regard to this promotion:

  1. Bet on as many matches as you can and with as much money as your bank account can afford. There is serious money to be made here perhaps the likes of which we haven’t seen before.
  2. If you’re going to lean on selecting certain matches, do it towards the women’s side. Anyone that follows tennis would know that women’s tennis is perhaps the most unpredictable sport in the world. Upsets are frequent and massive momentum swings are very common. I actually don’t think it’ll be that uncommon for a woman to go up 4-0 in a set and then go on to lose the set.

The matched betting profits for last week ended up at $516.72. I was able to take advantage of a few basketball games but as I said earlier, I kept my stakes (and therefore profit) lower in order to bet on all games. It should be a big couple of weeks ahead with the Australian Open starting, lets hope we can take advantage!

This article was written by_ Peter 'O Keefe