Tournament Betting – SportsChamps Review

A quick disclosure: At Matched Betting Australia we are all about making risk-free profits and beating the bookies. Our only goal is and will always be to guarantee ourselves a long-term income.

Having said that, we all do love a punt from time to time. So we have decided to write a review about SportsChamps as we use them occasionally purely for a fun, social betting experience amongst our mates.

What Is SportsChamps?

SportsChamps is an Aussie-owned betting website which is solely dedicated to tournament betting. It is not your classic bookie, and it has tried to add a few different angles to betting, such as:

  • Competitiveness amongst punters
  • Combining betting with being social
  • Lots of “tipping” for various events

How Does It Work

Tournament betting with SportsChamps is pretty straight forward. Below is a list of the basics:

  • You pay a fee to enter any type of tournament which contributes to the final prize pool
  • You then receive $10k worth of virtual cash, called ChampCash. This then is used to bet with
  • One needs to place at least 5 bets in a tournament to be eligible to win
  • There is a ladder with all the rankings during the tournament, so you always know how well you are doing
  • Collect your winnings based on where you ended up

How Do The Payouts Actually Work?

The process of payouts is simple. All entry fees are put into a pot. Entrants are ranked based on how much ChampCash they have in their account.

At the end of each tournament, the top 40% or 25% of the leaderboard receives a chunk of the pot. Obviously if you are on top you receive more! They also offer “double up” or “winner takes all” tournaments!

To Recap

  1. Enter a tournament – Racing or sport (AFL, NRL, soccer etc etc)
  2. Place your bets – minimum of five bets
  3. Climb the leaderboard – show your fellow punters and mates whose boss!

Final Thoughts

Like we said before, matched betting is all about risk-free earnings.

However, if you feel like having a punt then why not do it with a few mates and see whose best!