Travel With Matched Betting

Ever thought about matched betting and travel?

It does not take up that much of your time once you learn the ropes!

So why not take it along with you on your travels? It is definitely doable.

Australia’s Cost of Living Is High

Australia no doubt offers some of the best minimum wages around the world. With a good quality of life and many opportunities we cannot complain about life in Australia.

Even with Australia being relatively expensive, matched betting is still worth a lot to you and the extra funds do go a long way.

What you decide to do with your extra earnings is entirely up to you. Some buy a car, others add it their mortgage. And a few decide to use it to pay for an adventure!

Matched Betting and Travel

The profits we all make from matched betting are high, especially considering it’s done in our spare time and is also tax-free.

Now take the exact same profits, but go travelling and living in a cheaper location. This increases its value by tenfold!

If you wanted to, you could literally sustain your travels and more with matched betting.

My Experience Travelling & Matched Betting

I was matched betting full time whilst living and travelling in a few places, including Europe, South East Asia and Africa.

It does require discipline and planning though. It can be very easy to get caught up in the vacation vibes and forget to commit to doing some work on a daily basis.

Parties, sun, beach, and constantly meeting new, interesting people can be a distraction!

In Thailand I had to dedicate every afternoon or early evening to matched betting.

I had a great routine set out.

Mornings were for Muay Thai, and afternoons or evenings were for matched betting.

Then of course a few beers before getting some rest!

I was also doing a lot of UK matched betting with Bet 365 having great in play soccer offers resulting in me having to set alarms at 3am Thai time to wake up to place my in play bets!!

Pros vs Cons Of Travelling With Matched Betting

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows when you trying to mix travel and matched betting though. There are a few pro’s and con’s to doing it!


  • Cheap cost of living, especially if you in the South East Asia region.
  • Great quality of life in terms of weather, food, and the feeling of health and relaxation.
  • Culture and experience – we all love something new.


  • Often need to say no to fun things so you can sit down and actually get your matched betting done.
  • A few people react negatively when you try and explain how you manage to sustain your lifestyle! They just hear the term ‘betting’ and immediately judge you!
  • Unstable wifi. If you lose wifi while trying to lay a bet you could lose a lot of money  – happened to me a few times.

Travelling Soon? Take Matched Betting Along!

If you have ever wanted to go travel for a long period of time, then consider getting into matched betting just before leaving

All you need is a solid laptop, good wifi (which is found almost everywhere), a VPN and some self-discipline.

You can extend your trip by as long as you want, as your money should never run out!

If you can’t find a reason for not giving it a go, then do it and start now!

Learn matched betting first, then book that one way ticket.

Happy betting!