Find Matched Betting Opportunities Here!

As another weekend comes to an end, we are once again reminded of just how many sporting events take place around the world allowing us to find decent matches for our Signup Offers or existing customer offers.

Thus helping us improve our monthly profit by a good margin.

In Matched Betting, the biggest challenge is always finding close odds between our bookmaker and exchange. This keeps our qualifying losses low and maximises profits.

When we have many popular events happening over a period of time, finding good odds becomes easier as these events attract more attention.

So how did the weekend go?

Signup Offers:

If you were looking for matches to get through any of the signup offers available, then you had a massive selection to choose from. Lots of popular events with low odds teams (for qualifying bets) and high odds teams (for bonus bets) took place. Below is just a small summary on what we targeted this weekend:

  • EPL – The biggest soccer league in the UK was back again and perfect for finding decent matches.
  • European soccer – La Liga, Seria A, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga were also all back providing us with awesome Matched Betting opportunities.
  • Australian A-League had a few great games.
  • Australian horse racing involved a few racecourses.

Just from these events above we were able to find many good odds to get through a few signups and make some decent weekend profit.

Existing Customer Offers:

Many people ask the same question – “I am done with my signup offers, is there any more profit to be made hereafter?”

The simple answer is yes.

Bookmakers love throwing existing customer offers at us every week to keep us interested and active on their websites. These can become extremely profitable if done correctly and consistently.

Below is a small summary of what we targeted this weekend:

  • Neds horse racing offer – Bet $50 get $50 bonus bet if your horse wins. This has good value if you can find decent odds. Hitting one or two winners results in a good day of Matched Betting.
  • Sportsbet horse racing offer – Bet $50 and get $50 bonus bet if your selection finishes 2nd / 3rd. Another real decently valued offer as hitting the bonus bets does happen every now and then.
  • Neds EPL offer – Neds have an easy offer for the Man United vs Chelsea soccer match. Bet $20 get $20 bonus bet.
  • Sportsbet EPL offer – Back a team and if your selection leads at half time and end up winning the match you get a bonus bet up to $50. Any match this weekend.

So as you can see there is a lot of value in Matched Betting in Australia and New Zealand at the moment. The most important thing is find close matches, and understand the offers.

Lots of profits for the weekend, and lots to come for sure. Contact Us if you have any questions as we want to help you.

Happy Matched Betting!