Making a Second Income

Many people always ask whether or not matched betting will remain profitable long term or if making a second income with matched betting is even possible?

“Surely bookies will figure out what’s going on and stop offering any bonuses?”

The answer to this question is simple – bookies need to offer incentives for users to use their services over other bookies.

It’s pretty much basic competition, and the ones with the best marketing will attract the most users the majority of the time.

So as long as there are bookies around, we can continue making a second income with the help of matched betting.

Matched Betting Does Evolve

The day will of course arrive where bookies shift their strategies or start offering different sorts of bonuses. This isn’t at all a bad thing, as we can easily adjust and adapt, continuing to make profits off whatever is on offer.

It’s easy to be skeptical and to say it cannot go on forever and that we are wasting our time.

For years now the skeptics have said it’s not sustainable and cannot go on for long, yet we are all still here. You can decide who are the ones laughing!

Best Time to Start is Now

There really is not a better time to get going than now. Why not do your first ever signup offer today? Its that easy.

Look at this offer below for example:

100% Matched Deposit Offer

Using matched betting you can quickly make yourself at least $70 profit.

Risk-free, tax-free and from the comfort of your own home!

Check out the full guide on how to approach this offer here.

Are There More Signups Available?

For sure there are! Check out the signup offers page and have a look through them all.

Remember all you need is a Betfair account, good internet and a bit of concentration.

The Future Is Good

The future of matched betting in Australia is definitely a positive one. My opinion is that there will always be ways to extract value out of offers, and that there will always be offers available to us all.

Without offers or promotions bookies do not have a way to entice users, so they will be always need to be there!