Reloads Rock! Matched Betting Profits & More

This past weekend once again proved how most of the value and matched betting profit lies in reload offers, and not just in the signup offers.

Most people assume once we have completed all signup offer promos that that’s the end of the line.

No more profit to be made.


I decided to write this blog after yet another great weekend of matched betting with profits coming in from various horse racing, NRL and AFL offers across various bookies.

A Quick Reminder – What Are Reloads?

Reload offers, or existing customer offers, are offers which bookies have for people who have already signed up with them. They vary across many sports and range from good value to quite poor value.

Most of the big bookies offer something along these lines:

  • Horse racing – money back if your horse comes 2nd or 3rd; price boosts and risk-free bets.
  • AFL & NRL – early payouts; double winnings and bonus bets if your selection makes a comeback.
  • Soccer – money back if match ends in draw; refunds if your team win both halves etc.

We can take advantage of these various offers by using the same matched betting techniques as done in the signup offers, and allows us to make a good profit long term.

This Past Weekend

It’s no secret that weekends would be where the most profitable opportunities lie as there are more major sporting events resulting in more offers on the table.

This past weekend I took on the following offers with the following sports:

1 – Horse Racing – Doomben had various bookie offers on which I combined with a few bookies:

  • PointsBet – $100 refund if 2nd.
  • CrownBet – $50 refund if 2nd or 3rd.
  • Neds – $50 refund if 2nd or 3rd.
  • SportsBet – $50 refund 2nd or 3rd.

A few favorites / low odds horses did end up coming 2nd or 3rd in a few races at Doomben. This resulted in a few refund triggers. Some of us hit about $150-$200 in refunds. This translates into about $150 net profit.

2 – AFL & NRL had a few early payout and double winnings:

A few games this weekend got triggered with these offers as there were matches where teams with big leads ended up losing their games!

Just in the Raiders vs Sea Eagles (NRL) and Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs (AFL) there was up to $450 in profit up for grabs had you got on the required offers.

This all just took a few hours of my weekend as I always plan ahead and make sure I know exactly what I have coming up, what offers I am targeting and when all these events are taking place.

Reloads definitely define Matched Betting

Reloads really are where the action and profits lie in matched betting. Signup offers really are just the entry point.

Once you are done with signup offers you will have a better understanding of backing and laying, and what matched betting really is exactly.

Just remember that reload offers require a bit of planning and organisation, and a lot of discipline.


Lots of positives about matched betting! It’s really something that can add some extra cash to everyone’s lives if done correctly. If you haven’t given it a go yet, then start now and see for yourself!

The first few signup offers are easy and do not require a large bank to start off with.

If you are one of the many people who are already well into their matched betting career, then keep it up!

Happy betting!