Learn How You Can Make More Money

So The FIFA World Cup is almost done wit the group stages, and there have been some pretty awesome matches. Now time to learn how to make more money!

The great thing about these type of tournaments is that there is always bound to be a few upsets, crazy comebacks and last minute winners.

The good news for us matched bettors is this means there have been some pretty awesome offers which have triggered thanks to these crazy results!

SportsBet Lead At Half-Time Offer

The SportsBet offer has been very good for us thus far in the World Cup.

How it works is pretty simple. If the team you backed is leading at half-time SportsBet will pay you out as a winner regardless of the end result.

How Does This Translate Into Matched Betting Profits?

Obviously if the team we back and lay leads at half-time then goes on to win the match we end up with no profit.

The profit comes when a team is leading at half-time, but fails to win. In other words, the match is a draw or the opposing side wins.

Many of you are obviously thinking that this will almost never occur, and that the offer is just a waste of qualifying losses. But it may just be worth it!

How Often Will We Actually Profit?

The beauty about these type of offers is that you just need to hit them once or twice and you are in the green by a long way as the payouts are massive.

You basically win your back AND lay bets when the trigger occurs.

In this tournament so far, there have been 4 matches where, had we got on them, we would have won both our back AND lay bets.

  1. Portugal vs Spain: 2-1 Half-time, 3-3 full-time.
  2. Brazil vs Switzerland: 1-0 Half-time, 1-1 full-time.
  3. Serbia vs Switzerland: 1-0 Half-time, 1-2 full-time.
  4. Germany vs Sweden: 0-1 Half-time, 2-1 full-time.

How Much Can You Make?

These type of offers do require a bit of a bank as well as patience.

The trigger will not happen that often, so you need to be willing to ride out the qualifying losses until you hit one trigger.

Lets say you back and lay a team at odds of 2 / 2.1 for the maximum stake of $500. If this game triggers, you will win your back AND lay bets. So profit at the bookie is $500 and profit at Betfair will almost be the same after commission. This is nearly $1000 profit!

Most people obviously will not go for the max stake of $500 each time, but even with $100 per game you could still walk away with a good profit.

How To Approach This Offer

We need to keep qualifying losses low. Make sure to stick to 5% to ensure long term positive value in the offer.

Vary your stakes depending on your bank.

We are certain to see a few more comebacks and shock results as the tournament nears the knockout phases, so be sure to get on these!

If you have not signed up with SportsBet yet, then do so by clicking here.

Happy betting!