Why Should You Do Use A Paid Matched Betting Service?

We get asked this question heaps.. hopefully the below article puts to bed some further questions you may have.

Why pay $47 or $49 a month for a matched betting service.. Is it really worth it?

Matched Bettors are generally know as people who are very frugal and count every penny.

And I get it, you kind of have to be if you are into Matched Betting betting because imagine if you didn’t worry about a qualifying loss of 5% vs 10% and you did 15 to 20 trades a day.. You would be throwing away a lot of money on qualifying losses alone.

So yes, paying $47 or $49 a month seems a like a big ask to some of you BUT, the benefits of paying for such a matched betting service are endless and their are so much that either Bonusbank or Bonus Money provides that we certainly cant!

Here are some of the benefits that a paid matched betting service will provide:

  • Up to date offers (we also provide this!)
  • Strategies on how to use early payouts and multi offers to maximise profits
  • Informative community that assists and answers all your Matched Betting queries
  • Different calculators for different events
  • Horse racing softwares
  • Update time sensitive information

At Matched Betting Australia, we provide matched bettors with the initial step of getting setup for your matched betting journey and we give you the basic knowledge of matched betting.

For ex, backing and laying. Bonus bet vs bonus money and how to minimise your qualifying losses.

This is what we provide and we also help you make some profits doing sign up offers.

What matched betting services do we recommend and what do our users get by choosing to use either option?

We are partnered with two different matched betting service, namely BonusBank and Bonus Money.

Here is a summary and breakdown of the two different services below:


Price: $47 a month

Features: Horse power, time sensitive information on demand and great community

** MBA users get a 25% discount when using the coupon code, MBA at checkout

Check out our full review on BonusBank


Bonus Money

Price: $49 a month

Features: Horse Racing Matcha and they give MBA users a 50% discount off 1st month when using the code below.

** MBA users get a 50% discount on their first month when using the coupon code, MBA21 at check out

Check out our full review on Bonus Money