It’s The Soccer World Cup Soon! 

It’s 2018 and less than a month away from the FIFA World Cup in Russia!

It’s always a great time for any soccer fans when the World Cup creeps up, and once again Australia will be participating in this year’s tournament in Russia.

Australia’s Group

Australia will be in Group C this year as seen below:

Group C

Generally the World Cup knockout phases will always be dominated by the big boys such as Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina etc.

But it’s the group stages which make us love this tournament as any team has the ability to create an upset against anyone.

This will be no different for Australia as they are in a tough group group amongst France, Peru and Denmark.

When does it start?

The opening game kicks off on the 14th of June in Moscow with Russia facing Saudi Arabia.

Most games will be played in the evening European time so will be early mornings in Australia (depending on where you live).

Australia’s Fixtures

Our opener will be against France on the 16th of June.

France are one of the favourites for the tournament so it will be a tough test with them ranking 7th in the world.

The French enjoy being hot and cold in international sports so hopefully we meet a bunch of French players who are not in the mood to kick a ball around the park and we can get a result!

Next we face the great Danes of Denmark on the 21st of June.

Ranking 12th place in the world they will be a bit easier than France but still consist of a few good players playing in and round Europe.

Lastly we have Peru on the 26th of June.

Officially ranked 11th in the world, this certainly will be a tough last game for us.

Hopefully we can end off the group stages well and make it through to the qualifying rounds!

Matched Betting for the World Cup

As this is a massive international event, bookies will most likely jump on board with some great offers for the sports tournament!

We will keep you updated as soon as we find out what offers are available for us to get involved with.

The World Cup is also a great time for newbies to get through their Signup Offers.

There will be plenty of liquidity in Betfair with such a massive event making finding close odds real simple!

There will also be many close games with odds being low which is perfect for qualifying bets or to get through wagering requirements.

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Come on the Socceroos!!