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Really appreciate the input guys. Those tips are all really helpful to me….I’m super keen to make it work. I sorta need to buy a new car haha 🙂

Regarding Betfair trading. It’s a lot more difficult that it looks. I wont side track this thread too much (but can start another thread if anyone is interested in discussing it). I have been working at it for about 12 months now, but I have made a lot of mistakes in a few ways. 95% of my time has sunk into software development issues and perhaps shooting too high, deving software is always a thornie pit…..I do however still hold faith once I have got over that hurdle, I’ll be on my way…in retrospect to what I am doing I’d be using something like betangle, gruss or geekstoy….I still think im 6 months away from making any mooney…

Matched betting is a sidetrack from that, but one thing I think it will help with is identifing strategies for trading….but yeah, that’s all a long term goal of mine….

Thanks everyone!