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Well not so much VPN. A VPS. I would guess you know the difference, just maybe misread. But for clarification;

A VPN is a like a proxy way of accessing another network (a website).
A VPS (Virtual private Server) is just a machine running somewhere else that I can remote desktop into.

I was thinking Microsoft Azure would be a cheap way to do it. But I dunno, maybe that’s going overboard 🙂

My goal would be to just have all my windows and documents open always ready to go no matter where I am…

But yeah in retrospect I think it’s probably not worth the risk of having traffic originate from an overseas IP address…

I could use teamviewer to access my home computer which would work. But it messes with my monitor setup (I have 7 of them plugged in)…but I guess that’s all complicating things 🙂

I’ll just keep it simple and just deal with it like a normal person 🙂 …or maybe dropbox or google drive could keep my documentation in sync…

Thanks guys!