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Hi James,

Ill keep that in mind for the next season AFL and NRL! Thanks mate!

See my answers below:

I start looking at races 20 minutes before the 1st race.

Q: this when you place your matched bet only on the first race or you bet on all the races?
A: I place a matched bet on all races where the odds are close between bookie and betfair. On average this is about 15-20 minutes before each individual races.

Q:do you back and lay a horse even if it’s unmatched at the time?

A: I try and get my bet matched as soon as i place the bet but sometimes it goes unmatched for a few minutes which isnt ideal. I always make sure the races are liquid before i place my bets to ensure the best chance of matching. Otherwise i will have to lay odds that are higher and re-calculate on my calculator the lay stake.

Q: Or do you come back 20 min before each race?

A: I always back and lay a horse. I never back a horse and come back to later to lay it. Thats very risky and the odds can change very quickly and your qualifying loss could very high. Sometimes you can get a massive arb like that. Ie back a horse at 5.00 and lay at say 3.20 with a stake of $50 will make you an instant profit.

I always back and lay a horse when i see the odds are good. I always try and back a horse thats TOP 3.