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    As the NRL and AFL have come to a close, just thought I would say that it has been a massively profitable season! Most users made a few $1000 this season, easily. If you are one of the super matched bettors netting at leats $1500 monthly, then keep it up! Newbies remember, it all takes time and dedication but you can get there easily.

    Check out this screenshot from one of the users at our affiliate partners, Bonusbank!

    Matched Betting Profits

    Obviously this user has gone big and had some big wins, but earning even half of this is possible for each and every person looking to start.

    Making matched betting profitable is 100% possible. Like anything, it takes time and practice.

    Keep going at it!

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    That’s definitely do-able Richard!

    Matched Betting only gets more and more profitable. i have started with a bank roll of $2000.00 and currently i am easily banking over $1200 a month profit for basically only doing 2 hours weekends.

    Best month i had was June, i made $1850!

    It definitely has been great!

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    Can you share your typical strategy for those 2 hours JamesD if it doesn’t involve AFL/NRL? Much Appreciated.

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    Hi James,

    For sure.

    90%+ of my time is focused on horse racing.

    I do every single Horse Racing risk-free offer that available from Monday – Friday with Beteasy and bank that cash.

    I sometimes do the Wednesday offers if i have a day off work.

    Wednesday and Saturday processes are similar except Wednesdays are much quicker time wise.

    See below how i do Matched Betting on a Saturday.


    Before weekends start, i make sure my Betfair account in loaded and that I have enough money in each of Neds, PointsBet, Sportsbet and BetEasy.

    I usually keep $3500.00+ in Betfair and a few 100 in each on the above bookie accounts.

    I will only log onto to Betfair and all of the above bookie accounts 20 minutes before the first races starts on a Saturday because thats when odds are best and the markets are more liquid on betfair meaning are bets will be matched.

    I will then work through every horse racing offer with from Race 1-9 and then check for close odds with every bookie and betfair. (I am quite good good at going through bookies and comparing with betfair very quickly as i have done MB now for a good few months)

    I will do this once then wait for Race 1 and 2 to end and repeat the above process again and then do it again after Race 3. I only look at back a horse that is Top 3 favorites as they are more likely to come 2nd or 3rd which is applicable to all offers regarding SportsBet, Beteasy and PointsBet which is now come 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th.

    The last part involves places Mug Bets where you make the bookie think you are just a punter. I will place these bets on races that are not giving away bonus bets or not involved in offers.


    Never use the exact stake that the bookie offers as a bonus bet.

    Ex. Pointsbet offers $50 in bonus bets if your horse runs 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th in Race 1-5 on Saturdat on 2 race tracks.

    Vary your stakes between $35 – $45 per race. Never use exactly $50.00 as you will be seen as abusing offers.

    After placing all my bets, i log off my computer and only check my results on a Saturday evening again.

    I will then recon all bonuses that i have made on Saturday and Bank then on Sunday on Horse Racing. This is quick and easy. (Just make sure you use the SnR calculator)

    Thats basically all is do for Horse Racing.

    Time allocated as follows:

    Mon-Friday= no more than 30 mins.

    If I do Wednesday races it’ll be an extra 1 hour.

    Saturday 2-3 hours.

    Sunday 30-60 minutes to bank the bonus bets from Saturday.

    The secret is the make sure your accounts are loaded and that you dont start 20 minutes before the first horse race of the day that has offers.

    So a bit more than 2 hours on average on Saturday id say.

    Can you give me your NRL/AFL strategy that you use JDonks?


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    That’s awesome JamesD, very descriptive. In regards to my AFL/NRL strategies I mainly did the double your winning bonuses on SB, and aloof the leading by 20/12 point promos during the season with bet365, SB. I also did well with the BetEasy promos.

    I just would like a little more clarification regarding when you place your horse racing bets. You said 20 min before the 1st race. Is this when you place your matched bet only on the first race or you bet on all the races? I.e do you back and lay a horse even if it’s unmatched at the time? Or do you come back 20 min before each race?

    Thanks again.

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    Hi James,

    Ill keep that in mind for the next season AFL and NRL! Thanks mate!

    See my answers below:

    I start looking at races 20 minutes before the 1st race.

    Q: this when you place your matched bet only on the first race or you bet on all the races?
    A: I place a matched bet on all races where the odds are close between bookie and betfair. On average this is about 15-20 minutes before each individual races.

    Q:do you back and lay a horse even if it’s unmatched at the time?

    A: I try and get my bet matched as soon as i place the bet but sometimes it goes unmatched for a few minutes which isnt ideal. I always make sure the races are liquid before i place my bets to ensure the best chance of matching. Otherwise i will have to lay odds that are higher and re-calculate on my calculator the lay stake.

    Q: Or do you come back 20 min before each race?

    A: I always back and lay a horse. I never back a horse and come back to later to lay it. Thats very risky and the odds can change very quickly and your qualifying loss could very high. Sometimes you can get a massive arb like that. Ie back a horse at 5.00 and lay at say 3.20 with a stake of $50 will make you an instant profit.

    I always back and lay a horse when i see the odds are good. I always try and back a horse thats TOP 3.

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    Thanks for clarifying James.

    I pretty much do the same thing. I back and lay 5-20min before each race then put my alarm on when it’s 10min to the next race I go back to my computer and back and lay one of the favs of the next race. This can take most of the day as the race meet can go from 12pm-5pm. The only difference between me and you is I only use 1 or 2 bookies as my bankroll isn’t as big.

    Last question (I promise) when your backing and laying on the same race with different bookies do you tend to back the same horse or mix it up between the top 3? Or just back and lay the closest odds horse?

    Thanks again for your input James. All the best.

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    Hi Jdonks,

    No worries at all mate! Anytime, feel free to ask 🙂

    See below my answer:

    I prefer to mix it up if possible, but if only one horse has good odds then you back that horse with all bookies

    Good luck for this weekends racing mate!


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    @Jdonks and @JamesD: I do understand both strategies and i assume whatever works for you, works for you.

    Jdonks strategy seems more similar to my strategy when it comes Wednesday and Saturday horses.

    Do you mind if I ask you 3 questions Jdonks?

    1.) What % qualifying loss do you deem acceptable per race?
    2.) Do you always use exact same stakes as the offers per bookmaker?
    3.) What would be considered a good/profitable Wednesday or Saturday for you when it comes to banking profits?

    Thanks for your time mate and sorry for all the Q’s


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    Hi Gavin,

    In regards to your questions

    1) a qualifying lost under 10% would be acceptable for me.

    2)no, I tend to change it up a bit but generally keep it at least $40

    3)I don’t do much if anything on Wednesday. On Saturday if I can walk away with $300 I’m happy.

    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks @Jdonks – much appreaciated mate!

    Good luck!

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