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I am sorry, But I don’t get this. I do not see a guaranteed profit. It seems like a gamble, which is not what matched betting is about and unlike horse racing bonus bet deals the qualifying losses are likely to be higher and more frequent. For example,

Yesterdays Strikers V Sixers match. Sixers were 2.25 for the win, with double winnings if Henriques scored 40 or more.

Based on above, if I put $30 on sixers and used formula to get 3.8 calculating the lay bet 48.93 at 2.38 for a 67.52 liability, I would have have won $37.5 with the bookie and lost 67.52 at the exchange, meaning a $30.02 loss? (Sixers won and Henriques failed to get us double winnings)

Have I got this all wrong? If so, could someone point me in the right direction?