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    Hello there,

    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on their strategy to keep their winnings at the exchange (as opposed to the bookies)?

    For example, Lets presume that the wisdom of the crowd mostly creates pricing that accurately reflects the odds of a team winning an event. I can always bet on long odds ensuring I win at the exchange most of the time….but when those long odds fail, i’m going to end up with a sizable sum in my bookie account that’s hard to get rid of (without just withdrawing and possibly black marking my account).

    Seems to me that I want the bookies to make the money so that they keep my bonuses coming?

    Thank you kindly for any advice

    Richard (MBA)
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    Hey John!

    There really is no definite answer in my opinion. Obviously it’s better when our money always ends up in the exchange, but this isn’t always the case. What I usually do is if I start winning a lot into a bookie then I take a break from that particular bookie. As long as you just stick to normal betting patterns.
    Bookies will flag your account if every single one of your bets has a bonus attached to it, so just gotta try look like a normal punter. And remember, normal punters withdraw their cash if they win decent sums so its pretty normal to withdraw money once in a while.

    Everyone has their own strategy / beliefs in this regard. But you are right in wanting most of your cash in your exchange.

    Hope this helps!

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    I just smash my bets and if I win big I withdraw then leave that account for a week!

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    Thanks Richard and Dan,

    Thats very helpful advice. At least I know now there is no magic bullet for that.

    For my signup bonuses I was typically targeting longer odds of approx $5 give or take in hopes of having my profits land in the exchange. But that can leave somes big sums when things dont go how you want…

    I haven;t really done any mug betting yet, but will get into that and hopefully make the bookie people happy…

    Thank you

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