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    Hi all, new member here, just thought I’d do a quick intro and let you know how excited/interested I am in this resource.

    I am a regular punter, around 40-50 bets per week, bet in units not $ figures, subscribe to a few services, ( around $250 p/month in subs) mainly Tennis ( season over) and NFL/ NBA at the moment, but also horses, during the carnivals.
    I generally just follow “the system” and make regular profits.

    I’ve never done matched betting before though, having read through here, I’m’ quite interested in the opportunities that may be present and look forward to do my fav thing, getting books money.

    I’m really interested in this system, but have to admit, very nervous, because it’s new.
    I will continue to read and learn from you guys and hopefully contribute on the forums, ask questions and make some $$.

    To be honest this does seem rather overwhelming to a newbie, so I’m very hesitant at the moment.
    I’m thinking of starting off on Fri this week with the Horn v Mundine fight as after reading guides here, it’s good get similar back/ lay odds, (horn is 1.24 v 1.25), so if I whack $200 into a new book and get the bonuses etc, would you recommend this form of attack to start off??

    All feedback is appreciated.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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