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    Whats the best way or strategy when it comes to withdrawing big amounts from bookies? Will it flag my account if I withdraw 1k or so?

    Richard (MBA)
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    Withdrawing 1k is perfectly normal! Bookies deal with much larger amounts so it would not flag your account at all.

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    I have been contemplating this also. I am about to make a new thread similar but related…

    My understanding is that many gambeling people have 1000’s of dollars in their accounts and that is a fairly average withdrawel amongst normal betting types…..(this is just second hand information I’ve read elsewhere)

    I reckon if its a first withdrawal they are more likely to look closely at your account…(they have laundering laws to follow, etc) ….

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    True that! I mean there are many punters out there who withdraw a lot of money at a time. I guess you just gotta always try and look like a punter.

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    Hi John!

    Yeah the secret is to withdraw piecemeal (small amount)

    I usually never withdraw more than $500 at a time.

    Its also good to get the accounts loaded for reloads offers of weekends and Wednesdays!

    Keep Betfair loaded with the most cash and bookies i keep a few $100 in each of Neds, pointsbet, beteasy, sportsbet and a little in Ubet!

    Anyway thats my strategy :0)


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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