Current Trends and Plays

The Current State of Play

I didn’t write my usual piece last week given recent work and study loads have prevented me from doing much matched betting in the past couple of weeks. Additionally, matched bettors are now entering somewhat of a drought in terms of opportunity to make risk free money.

The bountiful racing promotions will likely reduce given the spring and Melbourne Cup carnival have now come to an end. On top of this, most bookies have severely limited their promotions on the NFL and NBA to just one game every few days. This comes just a couple of weeks after we had the chance to make hundreds of dollars on each and every NBA game through Sportsbet’s now deceased 14 Up promo.

I’m here to outline the major ways in which we can still rake in some major profits.

5. NBA Double Your Winnings

The easiest way to make guaranteed money!

Although it isn’t going to make you heaps, the profits from these will pay for a couple of coffees to get you through each day. If you have a knowledge of NBA and want to take a risk, you could balance the stakes so the profits are favoured towards who you think will win rather than equally.

4. American Sport – Money and Bonus Bet Back

Most bookies are still offering money and bonus bet back on selected games, particularly those available to watch on ESPN in Australia. Usually these involve leading at the end of ¾ and going on to lose, something that isn’t necessarily common but isn’t totally rare either.

3. Saturday Racing

There will still be major meets of a Saturday, starting with Sandown and Ascot this weekend. Sportsbet have already advertised their promotion for races 1-4 and you can expect others to do the same as the weekend approaches. 

2. Pointsbet 10 Up Early Payout

Pointsbet still have their 10 point early payout on an NBA game each day. It’s going to be rare to pick the team to go up 10 by the end of the first quarter only for them to lose, but if it does come off then you’re looking at huge profits not available elsewhere.

1. Neds Back-Up

Perhaps the only thing other than the Pointsbet payout that can give you hundreds of dollars in profit within the one event. The Neds back-up is a handy resource now part of their toolbox that’s available for punters. As part of this, punters can bet on a horse/greyhound and then choose a backup. If the one you backed comes second to the back-up, get your stake back upto $500. My advice here is to find two clear favourites in a race, ideally one under $2 odds and one under $3 odds.   

There you have it!

That’s my top five promotions that matched bettors should be looking at for the time being. 1 and 2 provide the biggest possible profits but will be difficult to achieve and require a fair bit of luck. The others will bring smaller profits but are much more likely to occur. Good luck for the week ahead and I’ll be back next week to provide an update on the expected profits for matched bettors at the moment.

This article was written by_ Peter 'O Keefe