My Weekly Matched Betting Profits

Welcome to Pete’s profits, a weekly review into the life of a matched bettor.

This will give new members a real-life insight to what the possible profits are for as a full time matched bettor. Rather than giving you the knowledge and understanding of what to do (something this website already does in serious detail), these articles will be aiming to produce specific profit numbers that you can use to compare to your own.

If you are not recording your daily and weekly profit/loss results, I suggest you begin doing that straight away. Yes it can be time consuming but it is vitally important to keep track of how much you are actually winning or possibly losing.

The Week That Was

I sit here writing after what was, in comparison to others, a very disappointing week. I attribute this to the lower number of AFL and NRL games now that finals have started, something I alluded to in my introduction piece last week. You can check this out here.


During the home and away seasons, the Sportsbet, Bet365, and until I got banned Pointsbet promotions were a great way to make hundreds of dollars on just one NRL or AFL game.

Through these promotions, you were hoping for one team to ‘go up’ and lead by the needed amount and then for the other team to come back and win. Although this was an extremely rare case, 17 combined AFL and NRL matches throughout a weekend meant that even one of these 17 occurring would make me $250+. This peaked about five weeks ago when there were quite a few within the same weekend resulting in a weekly profit of over $1600!

Anyway, there were a combined eight NRL and AFL games on last weekend, none of which successfully achieved the desired result.

Horse Racing

With the AFL and NRL pushing deep into finals, my matched betting is now focusing strongly on Horse Racing and in particularly on a Saturday.

Money back for 2nd and 3rd on Bet365 and UBET is the way to go, as well as bonus bets on Sportsbet and BetEasy.

Although my knowledge isn’t wonderful when it comes to Horse Racing, I sense that the last two Saturdays have been poor for punters and matched bettors alike. Not only are many favourites not winning, more importantly for us they aren’t coming 2nd or 3rd which is the best outcome for matched bettors.

My Weekly Matched Betting Profits

The weekly profit for last week ended up at $293.43, certainly my worst weekly result since I began recording every one of my results about three months ago.

Still, nearly $300 is certainly nothing to be sneezed at especially if unlike me, this is your second and minor source of income. I was able to turnover bonus bets from the weekend into $150 yesterday, hopefully beginning the start of what is a better week in the life of a matched bettor.

This article was written by_ Peter 'O Keefe