Matched Betting & Time Management- Learn to Prioritize

I shall start by apologising to you the readers for my lack of content over the past few weeks. Between working a real job and organising my partners 21st which has just been, I’ve found myself with little time to not only write but perhaps more importantly, do much in the way of consistent matched betting. This means that there really hasn’t been much to reflect on in the way of results in the last little while. With this in mind and in conjunction with the admins of Matched Betting Australia, I’ve chosen to discuss the issues of time management in regard to matched betting, ultimately aiming to help myself just as much you the readers.

Time Management Tips for Matched Betting

Horse Racing

We all know that Horse Racing promotions are the most consistent and frequent opportunities for matched bettors. Various sporting promotions come and go but fortunately we’re always safe in the knowledge that racing promos will be available almost daily. Although the weekday ones are always solid, we all know Saturday’s are where the most money can be made. This is perfect for those of you working a traditional Monday to Friday job, however I’ve been working Saturday’s recently and will likely do so for the foreseeable future. So how do I overcome this? Well unfortunately that’s a question I’m yet to find an answer to. With this being an ongoing issue, let’s take a look at the options for those of us who are too busy to be able to spend all our time matched betting.

The biggest issue with Horse Racing promotions is that we’re using Betfair to lay rather in other sports where we can just back two different results on two different bookmakers. I’ve always said that the best time to back and lay horses is as close to start time as possible, the obvious aim being to get the closest possible margin between the back and lay odds. This makes it almost impossible to do all your matched betting at the start of the day like a traditional punter could. Not only are the margins going to be much too wide to make it worth it, but you’d also have to place thousands of dollars worth of bets given the laying on Betfair.

My number one option of a Saturday is to try and organise to start my one hour lunch break somewhere between 1pm and 2pm. This means I can sit down for an hour during my break, place my bets and watch the races. Fortunately my manager on a Saturday is quite the racing man himself and is often quite accommodating of this depending on how busy we are. Outside of this plan, I’m quite stumped on what else I could do that doesn’t involve doing my job inadequately. Matched Betting is something that does take time and like most other things in life, what you get out of it is often a direct correlation of what you’ve put in.

Other Sports

In regard to every other sports promotions, you should be able to place your bets at any time once the markets are produced. Depending on how many promotions are available and how busy you are on each specific day, I recommend spending anywhere between 5-30 minutes analysing the promotions on different bookmakers and ultimately placing your bets for that day. I’d also recommend doing a quick reflection of your results whether it be daily or weekly, working out what worked well and what didn’t, ultimately aiming to become a more productive matched bettor.

I suppose writing this piece has further shown me that it’s extremely difficult to overcome the time management obstacle of matched betting when we all live very busy lives. Sometimes it’s simply not possible and we just have to admit that we’ve got greater priorities on that given day or week. So what do you guys do in regard to your time management? Any tips or tricks you’ve found are worthwhile? If you have then feel free to hit me up on Twitter @POK252.

Before I leave you, whilst watching the NBA All-Star weekend today, I noticed advertisements from Sportsbet in regard to a 14 up promotion that will be making its return with the NBA matches post the All-Star break. Certainly keep an eye out for that as it is yet to be posted on the Sportsbet website!


This article was written by_ Peter 'O Keefe