Second Income Selections: 7 May to 13 May 

Hey guys!

Below you will find our top 10 selections for this coming week (7 May – 13 May).

These selections are made based on what we believe to be the most popular events which will have the best odds with the use of middle maximiser for us to use.

They are all events with odds of between 1.50 and 2.00 which are perfect for our Signup Offers qualifying bets!

Please do bare in mind that the odds will change from the date of writing this, but it is still a great guide to see what’s good for our qualifying bets.

Wednesday Rajasthan Royals vs Kings XI Punjab

Indian Premier League

Punjab @ 1.71
Thursday Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians

Indian Premier League

KKR @ 1.82
Thursday Leicester vs Arsenal

English Premier League

Arsenal @ 1.95
Thursday West Tigers vs NQ Cowboys


Cowboys @ 1.70
Friday Newcastle Knights vs Penrith Panthers


 Panthers @ 1.64
Friday Hawthorn vs Sydney


Sydney @ 1.90
Saturday GW Sydney vs West Coast


 GWS @ 1.63
 Saturday Port Adelaide vs Adelaide


 Adelaide @ 1.51
 Sunday Collingwood vs Geelong


 Geelong @ 1.50
All Week Horse racing All race odds have value within 15 minutes of start!

If odds have changed and the qualifying losses are unacceptable then do not go for those selections (we generally accept 5%-8%).

If you are still new then please read here and follow the guides.

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