See How I Made $1094 This Past Week!!!

Unbelievable Matched Betting Profits 

In the words of the charismatic AFL commentator Brian Taylor, “boy oh boy wow wee!” Last week was certainly the best week in a long time, at least since the AFL and NRL home and away seasons finished in late August last year. The combination of Sportsbet’s basketball and tennis promotions were certainly taken advantage of as matched bettors thoroughly enjoyed a fruitful week.

Aus Open

Although the strike rate for Sportsbet’s four games up promotion was far from outstanding, those willing to invest large sums of money were certainly rewarded. On average I would stake around $100-150 on each match, betting on around 75-80% of all matches. Given the percentages being in the bookmakers’ favour, my stakes meant I was risking about $5 on average each match. Although you could stake upto $500 on Sportsbet, I didn’t want to be risking upwards of $30-40 nor do I have the money to be staking that amount.

Below are a number of matches that hit the promotion and earned me between $80-120. Note: The player in bold is who I backed on Sportsbet, went up four games and ultimately lost the match.

Bencic v Siniakova

Troicki v Carballes Baena

Pavlyuchenkova v Puig

Vickery v Bonaventure

Thiem v Paire

Konta v Tomjlanovich

In one particular match, I saw the odds were quite variant between BetEasy and Sportsbet. This meant that I staked a total of $475 whilst running just a $2.50 risk. This bet came off with Putintseva taking a 4-0 second set lead before losing in three, resulting in an easy $470 profit on one match!

Matched Betting

Matched Betting Slip


Once again the strike rate on hitting Sportsbet’s 16 up promotion wasn’t great for me until a few that occurred over the weekend. The Magic, Hawks and Lakers all lead by 16 before surrendering to the Nets, Celtics and Rockets respectively. I know the Knicks also led by 16 before losing through a buzzer beater to the Wizards in the annual London game. Unfortunately this was an early morning game that I forgot to bet on the night before leading to much frustration.

Horse Racing

A solid week of racing without being spectacular like the previous Saturday. The strategy mentioned last week wasn’t as fruitful as I’d hoped but wasn’t a major disappointment either. I practically ended up at evens money wise whilst accumulating a couple hundred dollars of bonus bets over the week.

My Weekly Matched Betting Profits

A great week ended up with a total profit of $1094.8, a clear way above anything else of recent times! With the end of Sportsbet’s four games up and 16 points up promotions on the tennis and basketball, there’s no doubt I’ll be crashing back to earth with something much smaller this week.

This article was written by_ Peter 'O Keefe