Matched Betting Profitability: What’s Possible?

Over the past few months, I have had a few people ask me if profits can really be that good and whether or not matched betting is even worth the effort or what is matched betting profitability?

Especially people who have done it over in the UK where matched betting has been gong strong for a few years, but now with bookies being a bit uptight with offers the profits are a bit low.

However, this side of the world it’s the complete opposite! Bookies are throwing offers our way. And if you smart enough, you are cashing these offers in in a BIG way!

Offers Are Big At The Moment 

With the rugby league and AFL seasons ending, many of us were a bit stressed think that the profits will soon be dwindling. That we going to have to rely on weekend horse racing only.

But luckily the beauty of American sports has fallen upon us, with the NBA and NFL providing a great platform for matched betting profits to start soaring once again!

BetEasy has a regular NBA offer of doubling our winnings up to $25 on a few games per week.

SportsBet have a 14 point payout offer running all season and PointsBet have a 10 point payout.

It’s a similar story with the NFL.

BetEasy having a double winnings promo. And Neds often having an early payout promo running as well.

These offers alone on the USA sports are keeping us in the profit mode for weeks and weeks now!

Have You Met Peter?

Peter is one of our regular users here at Matched Betting Australia and he has started to write weekly blog posts detailing how his week has gone, how he made his money and what his final profit figure is.

Just last week he netted $811.50 profit!

He does the usual horse racing, NBA and NFL offers.

If you want to see how he is doing each week, check out his blog series Peter’s Weekly Profits and see for yourself!

So What’s A Possible Profit?

You can easily making over $1000 a month doing a few reload offers each week with matched betting in both Australia and New Zealand.

There a few people making $1500+ a month as well. So it’s all possible. It’s up to you. If you put in hard work and get your matched betting skills to a certain level, then it’s possible!

How Do I Start?

Head over to our introduction to matched betting and take a read through the various guides on offer. Thereafter checkout our guides on various topics and strategies.

Make sure you have done the following before starting off:

  1. Signed up to BETFAIR EXCHANGE. Without this account you cannot do matched betting.
  2. Read through all the guides a few times and have a general understanding of matched betting.
  3. You have signed up to Matched Betting Australia – it’s free, don’t worry! CLICK HERE.
  4. Get going with signups!
  5. Any questions? Get on the forum and ask away!

Remember, matched betting is all about the long game. Start slow and learn the ropes, and soon your time of maximum profit will come.

Enjoy the profits!