Bonusbank Review

Bonusbank Review

For those of you who have been using our website for a while now, you would have noticed we have one official review on a page called ‘Bonusbank‘.

I thought it would be a good idea to write a quick blog post about them as well, just to give you an idea of what Bonusbank is and whether or not they are worth a try.

What Is Bonusbank?

Bonusbank is a paid matched betting service website which comes with various tools to make your matched betting life easier and more profitable.

They have been around for over two years now, and were the first guys in Australia to create a dedicated, paid matched betting subscription service.

Is It Worth Paying For A Matched Betting Service?

The answer really depends 100% on your situation, what your matched betting goals are and how seriously you actually want to take matched betting.

Matched Betting Australia will always remain a free to use blog, kickstarting your matched betting journey in the correct way, hopefully!

For people who are happy to just do the signup offers and maybe a few guaranteed reload offers, a paid matched betting service may not be for you. But if you are keen on extracting the most value out of matched betting then a paid service might just be for you.

What’s Included?

The following tools come with the paid service which Bonusbank offer:

  • An oddsmatcher, helping you find close matches between bookies and Betfair
  • Various calculators for dutching, multi’s, early payouts and more
  • A ‘Today’s Play’ section which combines great reload offers on various events
  • Your normal daily reload offers
  • A great community of matched bettors

The Price

Bonusbank charge a monthly fee of $39 or a yearly fee of $350. It can really be worth the money, but you need to put in some effort as well.


Do you want to take your matched betting up a level or two? Then go ahead and get a paid subscription! You should make your money back in no time.

If you having doubts then there is no rush. Matched Betting Australia will always be here, and you can use this website together with Bonusbank at the same time if you want!