How does William Hill Rewards Work? 

William Hill have a really good rewards program setup for us to take part in. It can lead to some decent profits for us if done correctly.

This article will explain exactly what this rewards program is and how we can go about using it for our own benefit.

What is William Hill Rewards?

The William Hill Rewards Program is a customer loyalty program that William Hill have introduced where customers can receive and redeem points.

William Hill have promotions like any other bookie but instead of directly rewarding us with bonus bets or bonus cash, we receive reward points which can be redeemed in a number of ways.

How does it work?

There are two ways in which we can take advantage of this program and gain reward points.

1 – Normal betting:

William Hill rewards

The above screenshot shows the number of points we receive for each normal bet placed. This method takes long and will cost us a lot as 80 points equal $2 in bonus bets.

2 – Promotional Offers:

William Hill rewards example

The above screenshot is an example of one of the promotions which William Hill has to offer.

This is almost the same as any other existing offer with the only difference being we receive $50 worth of reward points instead of bonus bets. We can then decide how we want to use them.

Another would be their weekly horse racing offers where you receive certain reward points if selection your comes in certain positions.

How can we profit from these reward points?

Reward points can be redeemed in 3 ways as shown below:

  1. We can use our points for Frequent Flyer miles.
  2. We can redeem our points into bonus bets.
  3. We can use our points to receive price pumps on any events.

Methods 2 and 3 will be our preferences as we are most interested in turning our reward points into cash!

So basically we approach these promotional offers the exact same way as any other reload offer.  

Once we receive our reward points, we can decide how we want to use them.


These get placed using “Bonus Bet (SNR)” mode on our calculator. Learn more about bonus bets by reading here     


Price pumps will be where William Hill boosts our back odds creating profitable arbs for us to use. Below is an example of how a price pump would look in our calculator.

William Hill rewards calculator profit

As you can see you guarantee a profit of $10.71 through this price boost.

Final Thoughts

William Hill is a real good bookie for us to use on a constant basis. This rewards program can be lucrative and can increase our profits by quite some margin.

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