Betfair is an exchange and is used to lay your bets, so it is a very important part of matched betting.

If you do not have a Betfair account yet then please sign up using the link below and enter all your details. Click here if the link does not work or appear.

Betfair Bonus Banner

We therefore need to create an account with Betfair first because without an exchange we cannot do matched betting. 

This will be the first account we create, and as we continue matched betting this exchange will be where the vast majority of our funds are kept.

Don’t deposit anything into your Betfair account just yet, we will come to that as we begin our first signup offer.

Bonus offer:

Betfair offers a bonus cash refund of up to  20% of our winnings up to $500.

We will discuss this in further detail when we walk through our first signup bonus in the Matched Betting Guide.