How to make constant weekly profits 

“I have finished all the available signup offers, but can I still make some profit consistently?” This is one of most common question we get asked when it comes to Matched Betting.

The simple answer is yes, you can. And in this article we will explain how this is done and show you a few examples.

What exactly are reload offers?

Reload offers, or existing customer offers, are offers we receive from bookies on a daily or weekly basis. These range from horse racing, AFL, soccer, NBA and more. These types of offers are a fundamental part of Matched Betting as they allow us to make constant profits. So we do not have to rely only on signup offers to make money.

What type of reload offers are available?

Reload offers are usually split into two basic categories:

  1. Bet X and receive Y in bonus bets, or
  2. Bet X and receive Y if Z happens

Obviously number 1 is a guaranteed profit where number 2 requires a further happening to occur for us to profit. This is perfectly normal and still very profitable long term.

An example of number 2 would be horse racing refunds where you receive a bonus if your selection comes 2nd or 3rd. This may seem unlikely but the long term value of it is really good provided we always take decent odds. Offers like these are very popular and a key part of our Matched Betting income stream.

Below are a few examples of current reload offers available to us as of writing this:


  • PointsBet – $100 if your horse comes 2nd in selected races
  • Neds – $50 if your horse comes 2nd or 3rd in selected races
  • CrownBet – $50 if your horse comes 2nd or 3rd in selected races
  • William Hill – $55 if your horse comes 2nd, 3rd or 4th in selected races
  • BlueBet – Horse racing odds boosts on selected races


  • PointsBet – If your selection scores 20 point you get paid as a winner regardless of end result
  • BlueBet – $30 refund if your selection loses by 6 points or less
  • William Hill – up to $55 on try scorer markets


  • PointsBet – up to $200 refund if certain players score etc


  • SportsBet – $50 refund if your selected team is leading at half time and goes on to win the match

As you can see there are plenty of offers available for us to take advantage of. We only have to do a few of these everyday and it will increase our monthly profits by a good amount.

How can I start taking advantage of these offers?

Once you have completed all of the signup offers and you feel comfortable with placing back and lay bets multiple times, you are ready to tackle these reload offers.

Soon we will be launching a Reload Offers section which will have all the latest existing customer offers available for Australia & New Zealand. These will be updated every 24 hours with short explanations of how to approach each offer and maximise profits.

Signup offers are really just the beginning of Matched Betting. It’s the Reload Offers which provide us with the most value and profits long term!

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