Richard (MBA)
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Hi Everyone,

There seems to be a little confusion in this thread over who has been referred and who hasn’t.

I am going to make a suggestion so that everyone gets on-board and grabs this offer..

1.) SCHMATTBACON has already referred 3 people for this offer and they have been approved. He is referring another 2 today and hopefully they get approved.
This is a TOTAL of 5 people potentially and 3 already been approved.

2.) JAMESTRS has been approved and he is willing to refer people who HAVEN’T been approved by SCHMATTBACON yet! Please contact him here: [email protected]

How can everyone benefit and help each other?

Once you have been referred and BlueBet has approved you, get onto this forum and help out other Matched Betting Australia members who haven’t been referred for this offer yet! Their is apparently also a $50 reward from BlueBet for every member you refer on top of the $1200 in bonus bets! :))

Lets help each other because at the end of the day we are all profiting!