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    Hiya Guys,

    So I am wondering, what happens when a horse you bet on gets scratched? Do things just get refunded? (Both at the exchange and the bookie)?

    When I was doing my first welcome bonuses..I got stung by a tennis match once, where the guy I backed hurt himself and didn’t complete the game. The bookie cancelled the bet. Betfair did not cancel the bet. (or vice versa I cant remember which)…..I have since then been loath to do any tennis 🙂

    Thanks for any thoughts

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    Hi John,

    Yes if their is cancellation and a horse is a non runner, both the bookie and Betfair will refund you!

    I speak out of experience!

    Pity about your tennis bet!

    Hope you going well, i am prepping for a big weekend of Horses while slowly banking the risk-free Victorian race course offers!


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    Thanks Willie.

    Well that’s a relief to get refunded 🙂

    Had a fairly unlucky day today. Oh wells…still made $50 or so…but hard work for it!

    Yeah, I like sportsbet, there website is the best IMO…

    Pointsbet I quiet like at this stage too…not as good value tho. But lots on offer cause they do the whole set of races…

    Richard (MBA)
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    Hey John! Tennis rules differ per bookie so always be wary and read them! Horse racing, Willie is correct! Glad you smashing it, keep going!

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