Making Online Cash

Everyone and anyone either starting out matched betting, or who has just heard of it for the first time wants to know exactly how much money people are making with this side hustle.

It’s a fair question, to be honest, and one which luckily in the Aussie market has a great answer.

That answer simply being: Thousands!!

Compared to the UK and European matched betting market, we are in the fortunate position of being able to hit three figures in pure profit pretty easily. No other country can get close to this. That’s a fact.

Let’s Check A Few Stats

Our mates over at Bonusbank  recently posted an article talking about a similar topic as well.

In there they write about people’s first 60 days matched betting, and sent out a survey asking people what their profits were like in these first 60 days.

Below are the results.

As you can see, over 50% of users have profited over $2500 within their first 60 days! This is quite impressive, right??

For those of you interested in seeing what a paid matched betting service like Bonusbank offer, check out our honest review of them here.

So How Do We Profit Long Term?

Easy. We do the daily or weekly offers which most bookies offer us, and make consistent profits using the same, basic matched betting techniques as done in the signup offers.

Bookies need to keep their users interested in using their service, so they will always be running reload offers for us to smash.

From risk-free offers where we can lock in a profit, to trigger offers where we need events to happen. The beauty of these is that the expected value is really good, and we can reach our monthly goal of $1000+ with ease.

What’s The Best Way To Start?

If you are a total newbie, then you got to start from the beginning.

Head over to this page and read over our introduction guides where we talk about matched betting in general, how a betting exchange works and how a real life signup offer would be done.

Thereafter it’s time to start working your way through a few signup offers.

Matched betting really is an easy side hustle. Just take the time in the beginning to learn the ropes correctly, and become part of this awesome community!