What Is Matched Betting? Matched Betting Australia

The Basics of Matched Betting

Matched Betting is a technique used to take advantage of bookmaker offers and guarantee ourselves a profit every time we take up any offers available.

This is done by covering all possible outcomes of a specific event, extracting any bonus cash or free bets and converting this into real cash.

By using this technique you can wager on an event with no risk of losing.

How Does It Work?

In simple terms, matched betting is all to do with betting on opposite outcomes.

We have two types of bets which get placed every time:

  1. Back bets – this is where we bet that an outcome will happen. These are placed at a bookmaker.
  2. Lay bets – this is where we bet that the same outcome will not happen. These are placed at an exchange.

How Does It Works?

How Much Can I Make?


With Australian bookmakers having the most generous signup and reload offers available, you can easily make upward of $3000 in profits.

Do I Need Betting Experience?

Not at all!

Most people who start matched betting have never placed bets before.

Already Have All Bookmaker Accounts? No Problem!

After one has signed up to all bookmakers, then the reloads part of matched betting starts!

There are plenty of offers on every week that we take part in and make profit off.

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