How did I Start Making Money Full Time Online?

“How did you even get into this Matched Betting madness?” A question I often get asked by many. Most people haven’t even heard of it, and there’s a way in making Money Full time online. And neither Did I, to be honest. But you must do this correctly and responsibly.

How did my Matched Betting journey begin then?

I had spent a lot of my time trying and testing methods to make any form of cash online. Each method seemed like it could be the answer or the next big thing for me, but it never lasted. It was just another idea. Tried, tested and failed!

As 2016 began I had moved to Europe and was looking for a job. A mate in London kept bugging me about something called Matched Betting that he had begun over Christmas and swore it was profitable. Over and over again I told him to get lost!

He ended up telling me he would cover my losses should I incur any in my first signup offer. I took the bait and made my first profit of about 20 quid. I was pretty impressed with myself. Never had I placed a bet before, so I was definitely entering unchartered waters.

I was hooked. I figured if I could make some extra money on the side that would cover a few pints a week then that would be great. Who wouldn’t love the idea? Though the thought of actually doing it professionally had not crossed my mind just yet.

How long did it take me to go from part time to full time?

My bank balance was a bit limited at first, and I still hadn’t completely built trust in the system. As a result the first few months were slow going as I was doing one signup offer at a time. I would place my bets with the use of middle maximiser, wager my bonuses, then wait for all withdrawals to be completed before moving onto the next signup. This takes long but when your funds are limited it’s the only way to get these done.

From starting date it was about 6 months until I was making enough money off existing customer offers to live off my profits.

I would find certain daily offers, create a routine on approaching these offers and would stick to this routine on a daily basis. My long term profits would always be there if I remained disciplined at all times. I had created a methodical routine which worked and produced results.

What has Matched Betting provided me with?

Matched Betting is definitely not always sunshine and rainbows. There are often days that go by where you incur nothing but qualifying losses and you are left wondering if the profits have eventually disappeared.

Having said that, there have been many positives that have come from Matched Betting. Below is a list of just a few for me personally:

  • Location independence – ability to live anywhere, especially somewhere warm and cheap and still do Matched Betting.
  • Following and watching sports all day, everyday.
  • Tax-free and risk-free income stream.
  • Lots of free time to focus on yourself – your own happiness & health. This being the most important aspect of it all. Matched betting only takes up about 2-3 hours of my life on a daily basis so there is plenty of extra time to work on other side projects, fitness, personal growth etc.

Advice for anyone looking at getting into Matched Betting:

My advice for starting Matched Betting is always the same. Take your time. Read over each offer a few times and make sure you understand exactly what is required of you. Thereafter it’s time to trust the process and go for it!

You will definitely make a few errors as time goes by, but this is just part of the process and the important thing is to keep going and not giving up.

Having doubts about this all? Thinking it is still a gamble? You are definitely not alone! Read my blog post here where I talk about the negative perception so many people have of Matched Betting without having any knowledge of what it really is about.

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